Old or poorly maintained chimneys can deteriorate to the point where smoke and hot gases can escape from the chimney into the upper rooms, the roof space or directly into the thatch.

Chimney fires can occur in any home with a working flue, including homes that have a conventional tile or slate roof. It should be remembered that soot is not merely a by-product of burning; it is a combustible material in its own right.

Chimney Failure

In older properties it is not uncommon for the internal structure of the chimney to fail or collapse rendering the chimney useless.

If you have Problems with the condition of your chimney you can call Alfred Poppins and we can come along and inspect your chimney and discuss the options you have.


Weather Damage

Weather and water damage causes more damage to your chimneys than chimney fires do. Rain, snow along with the effects or frost and thaw throughout the latter stages of the year affect your chimney and venting system.

The best form of chimney protection for a masonry chimney is good and reputable water repellent especially for new chimneys. However, it is important to note that this form of protection only acts as a water repellent to protect against adverse weather and is not a water sealant.

Inspection & Testing

We use state of the art equipment to inspect chimneys. A video inspection will enable all parties to discover any potential problems found in chimneys. Problems in the potential chimney could be large holes, blockages, breaches, birds nests as well as damage within the flue interior.

We can provide testing for chimneys and unused chimneys. The introduction of Building Regulations document J, there is a legal requirement for a flue integrity test to be completed when an unused chimney is either reopened, brought back into use or a new appliance is installed. Alfred Poppins is a qualified chimney sweep and inspector.

All testing and inspecting carried out will result in the customer receiving a testing or inspection report with an accompanying certificate which can be handed to your insurance company.

Birds Nest Removal

One of the most common reasons for a blocked chimney is the construction of a birds nest. These are removed by sweeping them from the bottom of the chimney instead of often perceived top.

If they are not removed they can absorb moisture and create damp patches on the chimney breast in addition to unwanted smells from the birds nest itself.

Alfred Poppins can provide a birds nest removals service from £75 inclusive of VAT and can usually be done within the hour.

Bird Guards

If you are after a more permanent solution to the construction of birds nest, we can supply and install bird guards to your chimney. We only use reputable manufacturers so you can be sure that our bird guards are of a high quality and long lasting. We can supply and fit your bird guards from £80 inclusive of VAT.

Besides chimney related services we also install woodburning stoves and multi fuel stoves and we are fully qualified engineers registered with HETAS.