Q – Why is the chimney breast in my room damp?

A – There are a few possibilities that could be causing your damp patches.

First port of call would be to us call by and check whether your leadwork is all intact and performing its proper function, on older homes in particular the back gutter (bit where roof meets chimney) can be perforated by a slipped tile or slate. The flashing above the backgutter can also move around and become dislodged over time due to the expansion and retraction in hot/cold weather.
Another option to look at is if you have cowels installed (the tin hat looking things) on any open pots. Rain can come down an open chimney pot, particularly if it is no longer in use and so therefore sees no heat and never really gets to dry out properly.
My final and probably the most common problem that i come across is that the chimney needs repointing (grind out all of the mortar joints and replace it with new) and if this is the case it usually pays to have a complete reflaunch at the same time (flaunch is the shaped layer of mortar that holds pots in place and closes off top of stack).

If you are having any concerns at all then feel free to give Alfred Poppins a call and we will steer you in the right direction.