With summer drawing to a close and the colder evenings drawing in, many people will be thinking about heating their home.

This week marks National Chimney Safety Week and fire fighters are urging people to ensure their homes are safe.

Householders are being urged to make sure their chimney is safe and swept by a registered chimney sweep.

George Setter, fire reduction manager explains: “With the colder, winter months fast approaching, people will begin to start using open fires and their chimneys again.

“The latest statistics show that there are approximately 7,000 chimney fires a year in England, but most chimney fires are preventable.

“Check that your chimneys and flues are clean and well maintained and free of any blockages like bird nests and cobwebs.

“The chimney breast itself will need inspecting, particularly in the roof space, making sure that it is sound and that sparks or fumes cannot escape through cracks or broken bricks.

“A blocked or defective chimney can cause both chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisonings so it’s very important to employ a professional qualified Chimney Sweep.”


Top tips to keep your chimney safe


The fire service has issued the following safety advice to ensure your chimney is safe:

• always use a fire guard to protect against flying sparks from hot embers

• keep chimneys and flues clean and well maintained

• make sure embers are properly put out before you go to bed or leaving the house

• when burning wood, use dry, seasoned woods only

• never burn cardboard boxes or waste paper

• do not overload the grate

• consider having a carbon monoxide detector fitted as an additional safeguard against the build-up of poisonous fumes

• have a working smoke alarm

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