Over the years chimney stacks deteriorate due to extreme weather conditions and internal corrosion caused by harmful emissions from solid fuel/wood burning appliances/fires.

Acids caused by combustion of fuel errode the mortar and brickwork from the inside out whilst water ingress and frost, damage the stack from the outside. Salts are also produced which can push the stack apart.

Common faults found are vetical cracks, loose bricks, poor pointing, incorrect and unstable pots and cowls, bulging of the stack, damaged brickwork due to frost……etc. These can all be fixed fairly easily. Most home owners may not even notice their chimney stacks are in poor condition but a lot of the faults are easily spotted from the ground.

Next time you look up at your chimney ask yourself IS IT SAFE? – If you have any concerns with your stack give us a call at Alfred Poppins!