Most stoves and wood burners are installed with a flexible steel flue liner. The quality of the steel used can vary greatly, so can the price. If you burn smokeless fuel in your multi fuel stove you will need the highest grade liner because the fuel is very corrosive. As with most things in life you generally get what you pay for and sometimes it is tempting to buy the less expensive option. This customer decided to buy a cheap liner and even though it has been swept regularly the steel has rotted away in less than 3 years. It’s a horrible feeling for a chimney sweep when the liner deteriorates like this and it collapses around the brush. The picture shows how this customers liner has ended up wrapped around the sweeps brush. The only to fix this problem is to replace the complete liner.  As someone once said, ’the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price has gone.’