We have been attending a property in Tinwell to sort out a chimney that has not been swept in 15 years. Due to the unseasoned wood being burned it has built up a significant amount of tar and creasote.

The client wants to have a new woodburning stove installed but because of the build up it is not safe to line the chimney until we remove the tar. If left there is a high chance of heat transfer causing a chimney fire.

Tar deposit.
Chimney coated with Cre-away

The chimney has had 3 treatments so far using a mixture of Pro care G-C-P and Cre-away. Unfortunately due to the severity of the tar build up we are still not quite ready for lining and we need to run another course of treatment.

Metal flail – times up for this flail head

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your chimney swept by a professional chimney sweep.