Are you and your woodburning stove ready for 2022 when the Government’s clean air strategy comes into effect?
Devon-based Woodwarm Stoves are – with their new Eco-Stove Range launching this Autumn.
Not only does their new collection of stoves meet the requirements of the proposed Clean Air Act, designed to clean up air pollution, they exceed it too.
So, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of a woodburning stove, whether you live in town or country.
What’s more, when you buy a Woodwarm Stove, you can rest assured that you are giving back. Woodwarm has forged a partnership with Trees for Cities, the only UK charity improving lives by planting trees and has pledged to plant a tree for every Woodwarm Eco wood burning stove sold. Trees absorb co2 to purify our air, they also reduce the level of air pollutants by intercepting airborne particles and absorbing pollutant gasses. Trees can also be a carbon neutral resource; the C02 released when burning is matched by the amount absorbed when it is growing. By planting trees, wood can be a sustainable source of fuel. Woodwarm would like to encourage all stove users to plant a tree every year to help reduce their carbon footprint.
But it’s not just the eco-credentials of this new collection that makes a Woodwarm Eco-Stove so attractive. The Woodwarm Phoenix Eco-Stove Collection, hand-crafted in Devon by expert engineers, is good-looking too, as well as exceptionally easy to light and control. Choose from a staggering 17 variations, in varying heights, colours, depths and heat outputs.

• Be sure to future-proof your purchase by investing in a stove which is compliant with the regulations set out for the Clean Air Act strategy which comes into force in 2022. This will allow you to burn your stove regardless of whether you live in a town or in the countryside.
• Make sure you buy from a reputable, high-street dealer. They will provide you with a bespoke service – from choosing which stove is perfect to suit the size of your room and your heat requirements, right through to installation where qualified specialist installers will ensure your stove is fitted correctly.
• If you enjoy the sight of a dancing flame, be sure you choose a stove with an advanced air wash system which will prevent soot build-up and ensure the glass remains clean and clear at all times.
• Ensure you have access to well-seasoned wood with a moisture content of less than 20% and preferably from a sustainable source. To find an accredited supplier visit

To find out where to buy a Woodwarm Phoenix Eco- Stove, visit Prices start at £1108.80
About Trees for Cities
Trees for Cities is a UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities. They get stuck in with local communities to cultivate lasting change in their neighbourhoods – whether it’s revitalising forgotten spaces or creating healthier environments.
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How is a woodwarm Eco-Stove more environmentally friendly?
We have combined a highly advanced air wash and tertiary air system within the combustion chamber which results in ultra-low emissions. Air is pre heated as it is drawn into the tertiary air entry points at the rear of the stove, ensuring that the pre heated hot air will not cool the fuel before it can combust, creating a more complete, cleaner burn.
The tertiary air entry points have a secondary function, as air is introduced above the fuel line it re-ignites more unburned gasses, further cleaning any emissions.
• The key to reducing emissions is to heat the fuel as much as possible. Therefore, we use a deep insulating board above and around the fire box in order to keep the heat focused within the combustion chamber.

Will I have to replace my existing woodburning stove in 2022 if it doesn’t comply with the Clean Air Strategy
No, not immediately, but the Government will be encouraging owners to switch to cleaner burning options when their woodburners need replacing.

What type of wood should I use to minimise harmful emissions?
The most effective way to help reduce emissions with a woodburning stove is to burn wood that is well seasoned. The wood you use for burning should have a moisture content of less than 20%. To ensure that your wood is correctly seasoned, only use an accredited supplier. You can find your nearest supplier at www. If using your own wood, ensure it is left to dry in a covered area for a minimum xx years?

Why is wood carbon neutral?
Trees absorb co2 to purify the air, they also reduce the level of air pollutants by intercepting airborne particles and absorbing pollutant gasses. Trees can also be a carbon neutral resource; th