It’s been a busy winter for us here at Alfred Poppins and we have gone from strength to strength with the help of our valued customer base that we have built up.




























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Is the cowl you have safe? this particular cowl is on a solid fuel fire but has a gas inset that is blocking the safe passage of gasses and smoke.

Now that the burning season is drawing to an end is it time to get your chimney swept?.






We are getting more calls than ever for problem birds nesting and disturbing peoples sleep, now is the time the birds (mainly Jackdaw) are nesting. Once the eggs are laid we have to wait until the fledglings have left the nest before we can remove it. Maybe its time to have a bird guard or cowl fitted?









We recently attended the NACS trade show (the National Association of Chimney Sweeps) in Stratford up on Avon and we spent 3 days there chatting with fellow sweeps and equipment manufacturers, We also made some new purchases of equipment and met new suppliers so that we can bring the cost down of stove fitting for our clients.

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What the term for a group of sweeps?






















It is at this time of year now where things quieten down as the cold weather eases out for the warmer more summery conditions (hopefully we will see a summer!).  Now is the perfect time to book your sweep or install, so if you want your chimney sweeping or a stove installing then give us a call at Alfred Poppins.